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Are you a fiber dreamer

or a FiberBoss?

Discover what it take to create a truly inspiring and sustainable handmade fiber business! Let me help you take your small business dreams and turn them into a FiberBoss reality!

I’m Chelsea aka KnitFitch in the fiber world and it is my purpose to help you become inspired, achieve your goals, get love and support from our amazing community and truly live the creative life you’ve been searching for. I’m here to help you every step of the way, even when times get rough. I can’t wait to get to know you and help you create your coveted FiberBoss life!


Shake the worry and find creative freedom and confidence in your fiber business starting today.

You don’t need to wait till a year from now or 5 years from now to decide to start. You don’t need to wait till it’s perfect to decide to share. You don’t need to keep taking course after course that only teaches you one little thing in your business and then ending up with 20 courses that your have to piece together to make the perfect business… It’s not necessary… and quite frankly it’s a waste of time and money. And between you and me I HATE wasting my time and money. (I’d rather be with my family and buying yarn… hehe)

Latest musings on the blog!

5 Tips on How to Ask Your Mentor the RIGHT Questions

I have invested thousands of hours, money, and emotions into starting, running, and growing my fiber business and I truly believe all of it was worth it. But there is one lesson I wish I had learned sooner when I was in the middle of being a sponge of business...

I’m a Mom but I’m not a mompreneur… I’m so much more

Can I tell you a secret? Shhhhh…. Come a little closer…. I’m not the perfect mother. I try really hard everyday to be the best mother for my son but there are often days (too many that I can count…) that I don’t live up to the perfect mother figure we all see and even...

How being an incoherent, jumbled mess made me a FiberBOSS.

I sat there at knit night, needles clinking against each other… it was actually my very first knit night. I was surrounded by amazing and awe-inspiring women talking about their creative handmaker businesses (I had run two successful businesses prior but at the moment...


FiberBoss was developed to give fiber artists a safe, loving, and supportive community to help each other achieve their dreams. Now it is has also evolved into an educational and inspirational platform to give fiber artists all the resources, including strategy, to find confidence and clarity inside their creative handmade business. Chelsea Fitch is the founder and head brand strategist of FiberBoss and LOVES every second she gets to serve creatives like you!