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Who I am

I am an American expat who gave up her dream job and followed her husband to Tokyo and now Australia. I’m a mom to two boys. My background is in online and digital communications, marketing, and photography. I am a branding strategist who works with creative entrepreneurs. I’ve worked with numerous publications and Disney. I have a passion for teaching, speaking, and helping creatives have a voice in the business world. I encourage and help businesses think outside the box and use imagination as a tool for success. I love to travel, knit, and try anything new from different food and new experiences. less


FiberBoss was developed to give fiber artists a safe, loving, and supportive community to help each other achieve their dreams. Now it is has also evolved into an educational and inspirational platform to give fiber artists all the resources, including strategy, to find confidence and clarity inside their creative handmade business. Chelsea Fitch is the founder and head brand strategist of FiberBoss and LOVES every second she gets to serve creatives like you!