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10 Things Creatives Shouldn’t Apologize For


creatives-stop-apologizingDear Creative,

It’s time to stop being an artistic bypasser. It’s time to stop believing you are a starving artist. It’s time to value yourself as a creative entrepreneur and it’s time to start respecting other artists in your community.

We are all in this together. We all have highs. We all have lows.

Especially as a creative, we tend to get stuck in this cycle of high creation and low depression. I know I’m not the only here who experiences that. Many of you have already told me you experience it too!

We need to stop the cycle of apologizing for being who we are. We need to start lifting each other up and TRULY supporting each other. It’s time to rise. And rise together.

In order to do that though we need to take a look in the mirror and truly realize what is stopping us from reaching our dreams!


So please let’s vow to stop apologizing for the following things, let’s change how being a creative entrepreneur (that’s you!) is “supposed” to look like.

Stop apologizing:

1. For living a creative life and doing your own thing.

You are a creative! That is a pretty cool thing! Embrace that and dare to be yourself! That’s what makes each and every one of us unique. Imagine life without creatives. It would be a pretty darn boring place to live. You have a vision that is uniquely yours! Dance to your own beat! And allow yourself to explore that creativity and live the creative and imaginative life you LOVE!

2. For not working a “normal” job.

The ones who rag on you for needing to get a “normal” job are just jealous. Congratulate yourself on having the freaking guts to choose to do what you love! Not everyone gets that chance or chooses into that. Even if this is just a season for your life, enjoy it! Being a creative entrepreneur is hard! But it’s the passion and joy in NOT working a “normal” job that makes it worth it.

3. For offering high-quality products free or paid (if they don’t value it, that’s on them).

As artists when we put our products and offerings out in the world (free or paid) and someone doesn’t value it, remember that’s on them, bye felicia! They are not your ideal client! As creatives, we attach our soul to our creations. They are a part of us. We need to stop thinking like that because our personal value isn’t dependent on what people think. Just because you offered something for free doesn’t give the right for someone to shred it apart and make you feel like crap! You offered it for free, that was nice of you! Now let it go. Don’t let others make you feel less for something you offered to the world to make it better.

4. For not being a charity. Charge what you are worth. You are NOT a starving artist.

We are creative ENTREPRENEURS! We have bills to pay, we have mouths to feed AND we can still have a beautiful and luxurious life to live and that’s ok! We need to let go of the subconscious nature of feeling like we need to put in our dues and struggle to be successful. Yes, it takes work but the struggle doesn’t need to be there. The hustle needs to be there AND believing in ourselves and our WHY is what’s most important. If that isn’t straight in your head and your heart, then you will never charge what you are worth. You are worth it! Believe that! Because others will not believe it if you don’t believe it first, and I’m talking clients, customers, AND peers. Believe and respect yourself AND others.

5. For not pleasing everyone. Care about your tribe.

It’s not your job to please everyone! It’s our job as entrepreneurs to repel AND attract. We can’t be the right fit for everyone and we can’t market to everyone. Because when we do that we water down our uniqueness and become bland. What you CAN DO is care about your IDEAL customers, your tribe, your people who get you and LOVE what you are truly about!

6. For not being perfect.

We are HUMAN! We are humans running amazing creative companies and brands. But we will make mistakes AND THAT IS OK! That makes us real. That makes us authentic. As creatives, we cannot hold on to this pressure to make everything perfect. You know why? Because if we do we will NEVER move forward. We will be paralyzed with indecision and fear. So let it go! I DARE YOU TO NOT BE PERFECT. Be real. And stop apologizing for being what everyone else is… HUMAN!

7. For your creative work not being what they like.

As artists, we create for MANY different reasons. Just because one or two people don’t like the new inspiration you have doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. IF you are aligned with WHO YOU ARE and you are caring about what your IDEAL customer needs then forget the few who don’t like what you created with your heart. Have fun and enjoy your creativity.

8. For launching a product after offering something of high value for free.

We offer things for free yet we then let others guilt and shame us when we offer something for a price. Remember your freebie is a gift, NOT an expectation. It is your job to set the boundaries and expectations of your customers. We need to offer our paid products with confidence and pride. If they come back and complain then they were never going to buy from you anyway. Let them go! But on the flipside. In order to expect people to value YOUR paid products, YOU also need to value other’s freebies and paid products. If you don’t value others, how do you expect others to value you? It’s a two-way street. It’s about respect, confidence, and pride.

9. For taking time off, setting your own schedule and for setting boundaries.

As creatives, we are often stuck in a cycle of intense creativity and then intense depression. And this happens because we are afraid to set boundaries. If we don’t do this and we keep apologizing for taking time off, then what makes us so unique and special and different from most entrepreneurs is gone. We need to protect our creativity and our “white space.” The freedom to breath and wonder and explore is our right. Protect it.

10. For being vocal about your work.

You created something you are proud of! You created something that is going to impact the world for better. So stop apologizing for sharing that with your tribe, your friends, your family, the world! If we all just kept everything locked up inside because of fear we would never learn or innovate or change the world for better. If you don’t share, you can’t get paid. If you don’t get paid, you can’t create that life you love and deserve. You need to be able to take care of yourself before you can take care of others, but that won’t happen unless you speak up and be excited and proud of what you have created! So no more apologizing for talking about what you do and no more excuses for not being where you want to be if you are keeping silent.

Remember: Biz is hard don’t be a jerk. (Don’t be a jerk to others and don’t be a jerk to yourself)

Respect who you are as a creative and celebrate it! You are unique and amazing! Let the world see that! <3

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